Warren Gregoire & Associates actually manufactures our own headsets here in the USA. This insures that both replacement parts and the needed expertise are normally available here at our USA facility, to repair any headset. We offer post warranty repair at reasonable prices, when needed. Please contact us for advice concerning any needed repair at 510-282-9300, or use 800-634-0094, or email to warrengregoire@hotmail.com.


During your first twelve months of ownership, PTT malfunctions due to manufacturing defects generally are repaired by us for free. Please see the Guaranty / Warranty section for details. But if your failure should occur after the first year, we offer to overhaul the whole system at our facility, if needed, or offer a replacement unit at reduced cost. Please phone us at 510-282-9300 or 800-634-0094 for advice, about your particular situation.


Our headsets have been proven to last for a long time, even if you don’t follow any special care procedures. It is helpful to keep the headset clean by removing dust and dirt, using a soft cloth moistened with plain water. For heavy soil, a cleaning product that is appropriate for plastics, such as Formula 409® may be utilized.